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6 Week Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Package

Solid scientific evidence suggests that mindfulness interventions improve attention, self-control, emotional resilience, recovery from addiction, memory and immune response. This package contains 6 one-hour sessions where we balance stillness with play, incorporate yoga, mindfulness meditation, art, music, and breathing practices. Each week is themed and is structured based on what each child needs. Examples of themes include impulse control, self-compassion, calming, focus, anger management, and centering. 

4 Week Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Package

A condensed version of the 6 week sessions where we balance stillness with play, incorporate yoga, mindfulness meditation, art, music, and breathing practices. Each week is themed and is structured based on what each child needs.


SERVICES FOR Schools and Teachers

Mindfulness at School: An Introduction -75 Minute Session

This workshop introduces administrators and teachers to the benefits of integrating Mindfulness into schools. In addition you will learn basic tools, practices, and resources to incorporate into your day. 

Mindfulness and Yoga Essentials for the Classroom -4 Hour Workshop

This course is designed for teachers who want to create more cooperative and compassionate classroom environments by incorporating mindfulness and yoga into the school day. This workshop is specifically designed to provide tools and practices that help your students maintain focus, navigate challenges and build resiliency and empathy. Learn how to truly move and breathe.

Self Care for Teachers -75 Minute Session

Children mirror the nervous systems of the adults around them. When you have teachers that feel better, students feel better. Learn concrete tools to reduce stress, exhaustion, frustration, and burnout.  A solid foundation in self-care begins with self-compassion. Mindfulness and breath work provides a pathway to achieve this greater sense of well being.


A Beginners Mind-6 Week session

These sessions are available via Skype or phone for beginning practitioners of mindfulness meditation. They promote deeper understanding of the nature of the mind, emotions, and reality. Each session contains resources and practices to build a daily practice into your life. Sessions are one hour in length and are rooted in the secular MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction).

The Mindful Parent -6 week online course

Available internationally, these Skype sessions are for parents who are interested in conscious parenting and want to bring the healing practice of mindfulness into their homes. Learn how to bring mindful attention and awareness into your interactions with your child to set the stage for you to be a more centered parent. Sessions include a weekly resource guide and guided meditations to share with your children.

Services for Businesses

Corporate Speaking Engagements, Workshops, and Professional Development

In business, successful leaders recognize that to be effective, employees, team leaders and managers need to engage not only their heads, but their hearts, to build emotional intelligence throughout the organization by training and example.

Workplaces today face increasing demands and challenges. High stress levels may result in decreased effectiveness, creativity, and efficiency in employees as well as in low morale. These factors may lead to decreased productivity, and increased absenteeism and burnout. Learn how to integrate mindfulness into your workday to improve stress management and self-care to promote clear, conscious communication, and workplace relationships. 

Heidi's draws upon the latest research in emotional intelligence and resiliency as well as her years of personal meditation practice, to share mindfulness in an informed, authentic, and approachable way. Each presentation Heidi leads includes instruction in basic mindfulness practices — and you'll feel equipped to bring more calm and balance into your life.

Heidi is available as a keynote speaker, workshop leader at your next conference, youth event, retreat, or professional development session. She also offers an 8 week Mindfulness at Work course which offered for businesses wanting to incorporate mindfulness into their corporate culture. 


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